Helping people make a difference
in the lives of homeless cats

Urban Cat Relief and the Toronto Feral Cat Project are very excited to announce their intention to merge in the upcoming months;  these two groups united will form a stronger alliance dedicated to helping people through education, advocacy and participation to make a difference in the lives of community (feral, stray and free-roaming) cats.

We recognize the fundamental need for collaboration, and joining resources provides us with the opportunity to strengthen the impact that each group has made as individual entities.

We are in the early stages of our transition and look forward to defining our Mission, Vision and future plans in the coming months.  Please stay tuned!


Available for Adoption

Bobby McGee

Available for Adoption

Durielle (Declawed)

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Hazel & Muldoon

Available for Adoption

Lola (Declawed)

Available for Adoption

Black Velvet (FIV+)

Available for Adoption

Thomas B.

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Chara (URGENT)

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Suzzie & Sassy

Available for Adoption

Sylvester & Precious (Brother & Sister)

Available for Adoption

Mango and Luna (bonded pair)

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Willy (FIV+)

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Lido (FIV+)

Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption

Kevin and Cole (Bonded Pair)

Available for Adoption

Zuri (CH Kitty!)

Available for Adoption


We are proud to have:

Rescued and provided veterinary care and foster homes for over 350 cats and kittens.

Arranged adoptions for over 250 cats and kittens.

Provided emergency veterinary care for kittens with life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Provided feedings for over 100 cats per day in managed colonies.

Spayed and neutered over 300 cats through our TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Return & Maintain) Program.

Started a barn home relocation program for feral cats that cannot be returned to their original colonies.

Answered hundreds of emails and over 1,000 phone calls, often for assistance, support and guidance for homeless pets.

Over 325 likes on our Facebook Page and over 500 Members of our Urban Cat Relief Facebook Group as well as the launching our new Twitter account

Public Education and Urban Cat Relief visibility events

 UCR along with the help of our incredible foster homes,

were able to accomplish all this in 2012.

We look forward to 2013!

Your donation can be made online by clicking either the PayPal or Canada Helps button 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued and heartfelt support. 

As always, tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20.00 or more.

To see all of our cats and kittens available for adoption, please click on the "Adopt" button above.  We will be updating our Adoption pages regularly as new kittens and cats are ready for adoption.

In shelters throughout North America...

Every nine seconds a homeless cat or dog is destroyed!

In a single year, six to eight million animals are killed!

This is their reality!





Resources & Links

• Stop the Cat Population Explosion
• Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter
• The Truth About Declawing
• Indoor vs. Outdoor
• Costs of Responsible Cat Ownership
• The MYTH of free to a good home
• Two Kittens Are Better Than One
• Adult Cats vs Kittens
• Choosing the Right Cat or Kitten
• Surrendering or Rehoming Your Cat
• If Your Cat is Lost or Missing
• If You Find a Cat Who You'd Like to Help
• Guide to Plants Poisonous for Cats (with pictures).

We need your help.

Did you know?
Over 7 years, one unspayed female and her unspayed offspring will give birth to over 420,000 kittens.

Urban Cat Relief is committed to reducing the cat overpopulation in our communities. We rescue, arrange veterinary care, provide warm and nurturing foster homes, and facilitate adoptions into permanent, loving homes.

Featured Cat: Tina

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