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Know all the payday loan details

One of the companies that has granted more payday loans during the past year is undoubtedly the entity that becomes Currency Now . , you can get the amount of up to 5,000 euros in less than 15 minutes , since it is one of the most important entities currently and is backed.

What you can get

What you can get

accounts with the possibility of getting up to 5000 euros in less than 15 minutes and to return the payday loan accounts with 24 installments . Also, for this type of payday loans you will not need any endorsement , because they are unsecured loans . This allows you not to have to leave anything in the entity to access credit or ask friends and family who can finance you.

For payday loans , you will not need any type of payroll and you will not have to do paperwork of any kind. All the management is done through the Internet without leaving home.

How to Apply for 100% Online payday loans

To apply for this type of loan, you must send an online application that will redirect you to Currency Now in seconds . Here, you will have to select at the top the amount of money you want and second, the maximum period in which you have to return your payday loan .

Since it is you who chooses the time in which you will return, you should see what is the amount of money you will have per month. If you choose a large number of months, you will pay less money monthly , but in the long run you will pay more interest , so the best option is to put a few months and low interest will be paid .

The maximum time you can put for this type of loan is up to 24 months .

  • Data that the entity will ask you

So that you can access this type of payday loan , you will have to send, apart from the form, the employment situation in which you find yourself and the updated bank details . Also, in case you make the decision to share page in your Facebook account , you will receive a discount of up to 10 euros on your loan.

  • How long can you receive the money

It will only take about 5 minutes to fill out the loan application and send it . After this step, you must wait and his team of professionals to contact you and tell you if you are eligible for the payday loan or not . As a rule, you will have the answer in less than 2 minutes , so you can enjoy the money in your bank account in about 15 minutes after sending the request.

In case the entity can not give you the amount of money you request, an operator will contact you to tell you what amount of money you can ask for and in case you accept that loan, the entity will pass the new amount that You have agreed with them to the bank account that you provided them at the beginning.

Before sending the money to your account you will have to make one last step. The entity will send you a contract in your email that you will have to read, this contract has all the clauses that you must comply with and also has the account number in which you must pay the bills each month.

Once you read it all and you are completely in agreement with what it says, the next step is to enter the final link that you will find at the end of the contract. Enter that link is equal to the signature and in a few minutes the money will be transferred to the bank account.

  • Each client has personalized conditions

One of the main reasons why loan providers gives you personalized loans , is because it does not reject the application if it is not suitable for your budget, but it talks to you to offer you a more adequate amount .

The interests loans

When it comes to interest, this type of loan has a personalized option type as well. People who are given a credit but are risk clients for the entity, will be given a higher interest rate than people who have a better solvency.
All the details will come in your contract without fine print.

Can the loan be repaid ahead of time?

In order to repay the loan ahead of time, advance payments can be made. Each of these payments will lower the total loan and not just the interest , so you can pay the entire loan before the amount agreed. This will not generate any additional cost and can save a lot of interest.

What requirements does loan providers request to be able to get up to 5,000 euros

What requirements does loan providers request to be able to get up to 5,000 euros

The requirements are very simple and are designed so that they can meet as many people as possible.

  • You must live in Spain and have your valid ID
  • You must be over 18 and have less than 65
  • You must have a personal mobile phone that is the means by which the entity will communicate with you.
  • You must have a personal bank account to which money will be transferred

Can you get these loans even if you have problems ?

Yes, you can get this type of loans without problem even if you are on the list of defaulters . You will not have to send a payroll or a pension receipt either .

Advantages of quick loans

The fast online loans that loan providers offers are very applauded by their clients, especially because as you go asking for credits in the entity, you can enjoy more and more benefits.

One of the main advantages of this type of loans is undoubtedly the speed , since few entities are able to give you a good credit of more than 1,000 euros in less than 20 minutes. All you have to do is fill in the form and send it. In a few minutes it will be entity and its team of professionals who will take care of everything.

Another benefit is that you can request the loan any day of the year 24 hours a day. The selection is made very simple and it is a system that deals with filtering your request, so you can receive the answer even at dawn; however, the money can not be transferred until the offices open in the morning.

Another advantage is the possibility of returning the credit ahead of time without having to pay any commission for it. This makes that, in case you want to pay the amount of money and remove your debt ahead of time, you can do it without problem.

How to request the payday loan without ties or domicile your payroll


One of the most popular entities in terms of payday loans and that claims to be able to give large payday loans without commissions and has thousands of satisfied customers is the payday loan.

Payday loans

Payday loans

The payday loan offers all its clients a type of personal payday loans that can be obtained without having to do almost any procedure since everything is done by Internet from your home . In addition, do the procedure or the achievement of it, does not generate any type of commission.

In case you are looking on the Internet for a good quick credit that does not generate any kind of problem and that can give you around 40,000 euros in a matter of 48 hours , so it is one of the companies to which more people go.

How to apply for the payday loan ?

If you are thinking about applying for personal payday loans , without any doubt you should trust that gives you the possibility of enjoying an payday loan in a few minutes and without having to ask for endorsements or borrow things you do not want.

In order to request this type of payday loan , the first thing you must do is to enter the website and fill in the form that appears at the top of this page. What you should do is put all the data that they ask you and below the amount of money you want to get. Then, move on to send the form with the documentation correctly completed.

Once you have to sign the contract with them, they may send it to you by email and you have to download the contract in PDF; Then you must sign it and scan it again to send it. If you want to save all this, you can ask for it to be sent home and you will have to sign it , once signed, you will have to send it back by mail to be valid.

Apply for quick personal payday loans 

This type of credit is one of the easiest to obtain through the Internet , since they will only ask you to prove that you can face monthly payments through a payroll or pension . It also serves any type of proof of income .

You can ask for this type of ING payday loans without having to open an account in the bank or direct your payroll , that is, you can do it without being a client of the company ; however, in the process of requesting this type of credits, you will have to open a non-payroll account with them. The best option is to open an account before asking for the credit, since this speeds up all the steps.

Terms of your quick payday loans

This type of payday loans vary greatly in the amount that can be obtained from 6000 to 40,000 euros and can be paid within a period of 12 to 45 months. To know what is the maximum amount you can ask for, this will depend on the purpose of the credit and especially the type of economic situation that each client has.

These payday loans, do not have any commission for doing paperwork and they will not charge you a fee for the studies. You can also cancel the credit in advance and you will not be charged any commission for them, so they are one of the most flexible types of credits in the market.

The interests payday loan orange

The interests payday loan orange

The interest rates of these payday loans give all people very competitive prices. From 5.95% TIN (6.11% APR) of interest.

Advantages of fast personal payday loans

In the payday loan one of the advantages is the speed with which they can be obtained. At any time you can ask for this type of credits without almost any kind of paperwork. In addition, you can have the money in your account in less than 48 hours after your request is accepted. On the other hand, at the top of the page of the entity, accounts with a simulator that will help you to know what are the payments that you must do month to month, as well as the interest that you will be charged.

Remember that the best way to ask for a credit to the entity is already having a bank account with them , which makes everything begin to speed up quickly. One of the reasons is that the entity will quickly deposit the money into your account and, being a client, they can verify your data without having to do so much paperwork.