Personal meaning

“Ben Affleck has personally selected medallions with personal meaning.”

Anna Minakova, Kommersant FM observer, talks about the gifts the artists have given themselves.

While many were actively discussing the reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and whether it was a staged romance, jewelry market experts questioned their taste in jewelry.

First of all, we remembered old gifts. In 2002, Lopez gifted Affleck a watch and gave him a Harry Winston bracelet at the same time. Now, wide-eyed social media users have noticed that Ben and Jennifer have started wearing these gifts again. But the main thing users noticed was a huge choker with medallions that appeared on Lopez’s neck on his 52nd birthday.

They say it’s Affleck’s gift. He personally selected medallions with personal meaning: among them are the letters that form the word Ben, and the jewelry was created less than the Foundrae brand that is all too familiar to us.

In America the brand is popular, among the stars who have been seen in its jewelry (and here you can guess if they put it on for a contract or for love) Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Hall, Nicole Richie and many others.

It works on a designer principle: you choose a chain – like J.Lo’s will cost $ 17.3 thousand – and then select various pendants.

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