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Jennifer Aniston Launches LolaVie Hair Care Brand – Learn the Personal Meaning Behind the Name!


Jennifer aniston burst into hair care!

The Friends alum shared the exciting news about his new business LolaVie Wednesday (September 8).

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The launch begins with its first product: the 99% Naturally Occurring Glossing Detangler, available for $ 25.

“Check out our very first product to launch, the Glossing Detangler 🤍 Think of this spray as the best friend you call every day (who always supports you and wants to see you get stronger over time),” the brand announced on Instagram.

“I’ve been working on this for quite a long time. I have the bug [to go] behind the curtain and find out about the development of hair products years ago, ”she told People.

“When I [arrived in California] and I bought my very first car, a used car, someone said to me, “What did you call it? And I looked at them and I was like, ‘Is this something that you do?’ And they were like, ‘Uh, yeah!’ So I named my car Lola on the spot. Maybe it’s because I love this song [Sarah Vaughan‘s ‘Whatever Lola Wants’]. Then, every time I came, they would tell me “Lola is here”. So it kind of became a name that I was called whenever I introduced myself [somewhere]She explained of the brand name.

She calls conditioner the “Swiss Army Knife” of hair products because of its many benefits, including protecting hair from heat damage and enhancing shine.

“There isn’t a single strand that does the same. And that has always been a challenge for me, since I was a child. Well actually i feel like [this is] punishment, because I had this amazing long straight hair that went down to my waist. And I always wanted to cut it, but my mom never let me. She said, ‘When you’re 13 you can do whatever you want.’ And that was the biggest mistake I ever made because I cut everything. I think maybe I touched the Dorothy Hamill! “ Jennifer went on to explain with his own hair.

“Cultivating it and keeping it healthy has always been a problem. So that’s been my thorn for sure, which is why it all feels very organic to me to face a hair product and say, “Let’s do something big. “

If you missed it, there is a Friends reference in the new trailer for The morning show!


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